Ingredient Highlight - Part 1. Rose Hip Seed Oil.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Rosa Mosqueta. This oil used widely in our range of products possesses a unique nutrient profile that includes Vitamins A (retinol), C and E.  These vitamins, in conjunction with its content of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids make it an ideal ingredient for skin care products.  The numerous anti-ageing benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil have been scientifically proven.  The oil is acclaimed for its ability to regenerate skin cells, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles and improve skin colour and tone.  The natural content of Vitamin A increases cell turnover and accelerates skin regeneration.  These properties make this oil ideal for anti-ageing formulations such as our Rose Hip + Hibiscus Facial Serum.  As a natural anti-inflammatory, Rose Hip can also be effective in formulations intended for acne and rosacea.


Eye Cream & Rose Hip Oil

Gentle Moisture & Intense Moisture

Rose Hip + Hibiscus Face Serum

Mandarin + Patchouli Hand & Body Lotion

Vanilla + Rose Damascena Hand & Body Lotion









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