4 Spring Skincare Swaps

Spring is around the corner and as the weather warms up, the skincare you’ve used all winter might not be what your skin needs in Spring.

Here’s 4 simple spring skincare swaps you can make.

SWAP: Oil/Cream Cleanser

FOR: Gel/Foaming Cleanser 


Oil and cream cleansers are great for giving your skin extra hydration during winter, but some can be too heavy on the skin when it warms up. Switching to a gel or foaming cleanser ensures you can thoroughly whisk away the oil, dirt and sweat building up on your skin during the warmer days.

SWAP: Regular Toner

FOR: Hydrating Mist Toner

 Give yourself a refreshing hit with a spray toner in the warmer months. They hydrate, nourish and cool your complexion at the same time as they balance and prep your skin for the rest of your skincare routine.

SWAP: Rich, cream moisturiser

FOR: Light, gel moisturiser

 A lovely, rich day cream in winter creates a nourishing barrier between your skin and the cold weather elements. But in spring, a light gel moisturiser will replenish and hydrate your skin without giving you that sweaty, skin-can't-breath feeling.

SWAP: Heavy, thick night cream

FOR: Lightweight Face Oil

 Thicker and creamier night creams are ideal for deep nourishment in winter but on hot, humid nights, you want something a bit more lightweight but just as replenishing. Face Oils are perfect for this reason and sink straight into the skin.

Feel like you want to give your skin a good clean out? Read 'How To Spring Clean Your Skin".



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