Four Ways To Cure Winter Skin

Every season presents its own set of problems, and winter is no exception. A bad case of winter skin includes everything from dry, thirsty skin, to red or dull complexions.

Here's our guide to curing four of the biggest skin problems during winter.

Dry, Flaky Skin

Dry, cracked skin that flakes is common in winter as the cold weather, wind and changing temperatures seep the moisture from our skin. This is best tackled through exfoliating & moisturising. Removing the layers of dead skin cells allows your moisturising products to penetrate deeper and be more effective, helping to replenish and prevent moisture loss.

For the face, use the AHA Face Exfoliant to gently rid dead skin and brighten the complexion, and opt for our Cleansing Lotion and Night Moisture  for extra nutrients. For the body, a nourishing body scrub like our Coffee Body Scrub will exfoliate and moisturise problem areas like knees, elbows and legs with coffee granules and repairing oils, leaving smooth, soft skin.


Chapped Lips

Ouch! Chapped Lips are a common side affect of winter and can become quite painful.

Our Coconut Body Polish makes a great lip scrub! Take a small amount and gently rub into lips to exfoliate the dry skin, and nourish the lips with repairing oils to soften and heal. Follow with your favourite lip balm or gloss. 

Dehydration and Dullness

The cold weather dulls and dehydrates the skin easy, especially as we spend more time inside.

Our favourites for hydrating and brightening the complexion are hyaluronic acid (a super hydrator that is naturally produced in the skin ) and vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant that brightens the complexion for a truly covetable glow).

Find both in our Glow Serum

Red or Sensitive

Redness or sensitivity is often exacerbated by the cold and should be handled carefully in winter. It is best to opt for calming products with simple formulations free from fragrances.

Our Argan Face Oil contains pure cold-pressed Argan oil and Kakadu Plum Seed Oil so will soothe, brighten and hydrate, without irritation.


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