Helpful Gift Guide: Products we know they'll love

Helpful Gift Guide: Products we know they'll love

Struggling to find the perfect gift? We’ve put together a helpful gift guide of Saya classics, cult faves, and Saya team favourites that will impress just about everyone.

The Bather

Support your friend’s slight obsession by gifting them bath-time essentials. Our Lime & Bergamot Body Wash will provide the ultimate bubble bath and luxurious essential oil experience. Want to take their bath experience to the next level? Pair this with our Argan Body Oil. Add a few drops for an extra boost of nourishment and hydration.

Skincare Obsessed

We all have a friend that is absolutely obsessed with skincare so why not introduce them to something new this Christmas? Our Super Serum has made a name of itself this year and for good reason. It’s hydrating, soothing, anti-ageing and will even give you that “glass skin” look everyone’s been talking about. Want to learn more on how to get a glassy-er appearance? Read our step-by-step guide.

Low Maintenance 

No-fuss, effective and perfect for everyone. For the friends or family who like to keep things simple we’d recommend two of our all-time classics: the Cleansing Gel and Balance Moisture. Let’s be honest, everyone needs a good cleanser and moisturiser in their life.

Makeup Lover

The festive season is the ultimate season to double cleanse. Gift our Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Gel to remove stubborn makeup, SPF and grime. It’s the ultimate cleansing duo that will leave their skin feeling soft, clean and nourished. 

Beach Goer              

After spending hours by the beach, there are two things every beach lover needs: a plumping and free-radical fighting serum like the Glow Serum and a hydrating and refreshing mist like our Rose Toning Face Mist. For avid sunbathers, not only will this duo help to avoid sunspots and replenish any moisture lost, it’ll leave the skin more dewy. 

A self-care moment for Mum

For the truly most amazing mother figure in your life who needs that little extra push to pause and relax. Treat them with our Refining Pink Clay Mask for an indulgent face mask moment. 

Work College 

Something that they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves and they’ll actually want to use. Our Coffee Body Scrub will elevate anyone's body-care routine. It’s rich and creamy in texture and leaves the skin smooth, soft and restored - and smells incredible.       


Our Basin Essentials is the perfect finishing touch for any home. This includes our Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion. Scented with an uplifting blend of essential oils and nourishing ingredients to provide you with an indulgent washing experience.

For you

Treat yourself to glowing skin with our overnight treatment, the Brightening Peel. Simply swipe on in the evening and wake up to brighter, healthier skin. It’s a present we know you deserve. Not sure where the Brightening Peel fits into your routine? Read our Brightening Peel FAQ’s.

We hope this gift guide helped you find the perfect gift. Do you have any skin questions? Contact us today.

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