How To Reuse Your Skincare Products

It's Earth Day and we couldn't be more excited. 

Our packaging is made from amber PET plastic and Miron glass which means not only are they 100% recyclable, there is a whole range of ways you can reuse these pretty bottles and jars once your favourite toner, moisturiser or exfoliator runs out.

Instead of chucking them away, turn your empties into new items you can actually use. Here's some ideas to get you started.

Amber Vase

Our Body Washes and Hand Washes boast a generous 500ml size, which makes them perfect to reuse as a vase. 

Once finished, simply wash, dry and remove the label.

Style with flowers from your garden and place them on your bedside table, outdoor setting, or coffee table. 

 These bottles would also make stunning centrepieces at a wedding or other event.

Accessorie Container

Find a spot for all your scrunchies, hair ties and clips by repurposing an empty Coconut Body Polish

You can even hang your earrings around the edge.

With a few of these, you'll be able to organise clutter and repurpose an item all in one.


Ring Holder

Too beautiful to throw away, the Miron glass from our Night Moisture is ideal for smaller storage.

Keep precious rings and other jewellery safe on your bedside table or vanity.

Plant Mister

Finished your Rose Water Toning Mist?

Before you throw the bottle in the bin, consider repurposing it to spray thirsty houseplants.

Wash the bottle out thoroughly, dry and then fill with clean water. 


Do you have any other cool reuse tips and tricks? Leave a comment below or send us a message on Instagram

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