How to Reveal Your Natural Glowing Skin

Did you know your skin is covered in layers and layers of dead skin?

Gross, right?

In fact, as you look in the mirror, you're looking at last month's skin and skin damage. 

Don't get us wrong, this is a natural process. 

But as we age, this natural skin turnover slows down.

During your 20's it will slow by nearly 30%.
By the age of 50, it'll slow by 60%.

So every time you put moisturisers, serums, foundation and sunscreen on your skin, you're applying it to cells that have been dead for 2 whole months.

It's no wonder our skin looks permanently dull, grey and tired.

How Exfoliation = Glowing Skin

Exfoliation is the key to revealing youthful, glowing skin. 

Each time you exfoliate you:

- Remove and buff away layers of dead skin cells
- Boost collagen production
- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- Shrink pore size
- Stimulate new cell production
- Brighten skin tone

And a bunch of other great benefits.

However, the best thing that exfoliating does for your skin is allow all of your other skincare goodies to penetrate deeper.  

This means your moisturisers, serums, facial oils and creams are much more effective.

 The Two Main Types of Exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation

It might sound scary, but chemical exfoliation is actually gentle on the skin.

It works by dissolving the glue-like bonds between skin cells to slough the dead ones away.

This is incredibly effective because no dead skin cells get missed.

Where you apply your chemical exfoliant is where it works, giving you an even skin texture.

AHA Face Exfoliant


Our AHA Face Exfoliant uses the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) - a chemical exfoliant that we derive naturally from botanical sources.





Manual Exfoliation

This type is the most common when people think about exfoliation.

It uses a granule that when gently rolled over the skin will buff away and dislodge dead skin cell buildup from the skin's surface.  

This method also removes dirt and debris from the pore, proving effective for skin prone to blackheads and congestion.

Detox Face Exfoliant

Our Detox Face Exfoliant uses finely ground walnut shell to buff away dead skin cells. This exfoliant also utilises enzymes to 'digest' dead skin cell build up (like little Pac-Man for your skin).


Exfoliating is the key to naturally, glowing skin.

Whether chemical or manual, we recommend exfoliating 1-3 times per week.

This will help your skin maintain and improve its natural skin renewal and allow you to get the most benefits from the rest of your skincare routine.

Want to find out the three foundational steps of a healthy skincare routine? Read our blog 'Simply Glowing Skin in 1, 2, 3 Steps'

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