Meet the Saya Staff - Amy

Meet Amy, our Marketing QUEEN and Office Admin whiz. Winning the best laugh in the office award, Saya HQ feels a little less colourful and bright when she’s not there. Admiring our Instagram page? Obsessed with our latest EDM? Blame Amy. (Annoyingly) talented and creative, Amy always seems to impress us with her ability to create the ultimate visual and written content. She’s best known in the office for her daily clumsiness, her off-tone singing, and the Adventures of Ash & Chippy (her doggos).

​So, you can get to know her better, we sat down and asked her all the important questions:

​What’s your best skincare advice?

​Use a face oil - no matter your skin type. I am a HUGE advocate and long-time user of facial oils. They completely transformed my skin.

​I’d also say to start early - prevention is better than a cure!


​Your three favourite Saya products and why?

Rose Toning Mist – This is a step in my skincare routine I didn’t have for a long time and now that I do, I realise how important it is. It’s made a big difference and I feel like my skin is healthier for it. Not to mention it is so refreshing and helps my serums sink right in.

Renew Serum – Speaking of serums, this multi-correctional, gift-from-the-gods has been such a pleasant surprise. I have always had pretty good skin but this serum has really helped to even out my skin tone and reduce the bit of redness I had in my complexion - and only after a just a few uses!

Argan Face Oil – I did say I love face oils so it’s not surprising I’ve got another among my favourites. This one is like food for your skin with all the lovely omegas and antioxidants. I love mixing my Argan Face Oil and Renew Serum together because I’m greedy like that. But that combo is my go-to for healthy, glowing skin.

What’s your favourite emoji?

🤗 - Because the world can always do with more jazz hands.

​3 things you can’t live without?

​Dogs (not just mine, but all dogs in general. Dogs are the best humans!)

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