Meet the Saya Staff - Leah


Meet Leah, our kickass Business Manager here at Saya HQ. With a go-getter approach to life, Leah is who we go to if we want to get-shit-done. Always ready to tackle a problem head-on, she’ll do it in record time and with a smile to boot. Vivacious and generous, she has the unique ability to keep everyone striving to improve, while having fun doing it. She’s best known in the office for her squeals of excitement and fitness tips.

So you can get to know her better, we sat down and asked her all the important questions:

What’s your best skincare advice?

Face, Neck & Dec! - don’t forget your neck and chest… Use SPF everyday and keep sun exposure to a minimum... and don’t forget to exfoliate – twice a week is key. Too much advice, so little time!

 Your three favourite Saya products and why?

Renew Serum – I’m usually quite sensitive to retinols, but I can use this serum twice a day without the photosensitivity. It has also helped with a lot of my scarring from teenage years. Not to mention – it smells amazing!

Coconut Body Scrub - apart from making my body smell like a cookie, it not only buffs my dry skin away, it leaves a beautiful layer of Shea butter on my skin meaning I don’t need to moisturise after my shower.

Foaming Cleanser – removes makeup perfectly and you can really feel it deep cleansing your pores, and it doesn’t dry out your skin.

 What’s your favourite emoji?

💅. It makes me feel so fancy.

 3 things you can’t live without?

My adorable dogs and bird, my Mum and my self-care rituals.


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