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Meet Rachel, our warm and beach-obsessed Warehouse Manager here at Saya HQ. Kind as can be and considerate beyond measure, Rachel wears many hats in the office - Confidant. Captain Planet. Stock Control Wizard. Human Dolphin. Always up for a laugh and down-to-earth, she makes organisation look like an art form. With Rachel around, our orders are as perfectly-packed as the warehouse is pristine. Lending an ear when we need one, directing our waste into the correct bin (#recyclingadvocate), or keeping our to-do lists on track, Rachel is the Cool Office Mum we didn’t know we needed. She’s best known at Saya HQ for her​ homemade kombucha and surfing adventures.

​So, you can get to know her better, we sat down and asked her all the important questions:

What’s your best skincare advice?

​Be consistent - make sure you have the basics down pat - cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. Plus support your skincare routine with a good diet and healthy lifestyle.


Your three favourite Saya products and why?

Foaming Cleanser – I’m at the beach a lot and always use really thick zinc, so this is perfect for getting it all off and making my skin feel super refreshed post-beach.

Rose Water Toning Mist – I love this toner as it really does prepare your skin to make the rest of your products more effective. I always feel hydrated and fresh after using it.

Renew Serum – Although this is a new product, it really is one of my favourites. My skin is loving it and absorbs the serum so well. I can see a noticeable difference the next day. My skin is always glowing and feels soft and nourished.

What’s your favourite emoji?


​3 things you can’t live without?

​Books, broccoli and the ocean.


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  • Jess

    Soooooo lovely Rach. You’re the cool office mum now! 😂

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