Meet the Saya Staff - Sam

Meet Sam, our resident fashionista and warehouse elf. Exuding charisma (and with hair that’s the envy of everyone in the office), Sam brings a sense of style and fun wherever he goes. Whether designing clothes or boxing Saya products, Sam’s focused, attention to detail is second to none. Wiser than the rest of us at Saya HQ combined, it’s easy to forget he is only 18. Sam’s best known in the office for his fashion tips and helpful height.

​So you can get to know him better, we sat down and asked him all the important questions:

What’s your best skincare advice?

​Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise.

Your three favourite Saya products and why?

Balance Moisture – I tend to have oily skin, and the Balance Moisture is perfect for that. I also mix in a few drops of Renew Serum to give my skin the natural glow I love.

​Renew Serum – 2 drops in the morning and 4 at night is my daily motto. Renew can never do me wrong. Blended with the Balance gives me the perfect moisturising routine.

​Argan Face Oil – I love putting just a couple of drops on the apples of my cheeks for that extra glow…pure magic.

What’s your favourite emoji?


​3 things you can’t live without?

​Chocolate, a sketch book and my Renew Serum.

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