Meet Saya Mcdermott - our Founder

Meet Saya Mcdermott - our Founder

Meet Saya, the face, name and genius behind Saya Skincare. Cool, calm and collected, this amazing woman is full of so much knowledge. Whether schooling us on the science of skin, geeking out over the therapeutic properties of native botanicals or formulating our latest skincare obsession, she does it all with passion and drive. Extremely generous and down-to-earth, her love for her family and what she does keeps inspiring us every day. She’s best known in the office for cuddles with Samuel and Oscar, her overuse of the Rich Body Cream and answering ALL of our questions.

​So, you can get to know her better, we sat down and asked her all the important questions:

What’s your best skincare advice?

​Wash you face morning and night! Exfoliate regularly and don’t be afraid of oils, they’re so good for your skin.

​Your three favourite Saya products and why?

​It’s hard to pick just 3, but if I have to pick at the moment:

Renew Serum – This product is like liquid gold and defines “multi-correctional”. I have seen a significant difference in the overall tone and texture of my skin since introducing this to my routine. It contains Bakuchiol which acts like a retinol, yet this natural alternative is safe to use while pregnant and now while I am breastfeeding, which I love.

​Foaming Cleanser – this is such a refreshing cleanser and makes the chore of cleansing (especially at night when I just can’t be bothered) so rewarding.

Coconut Body Polish – I have a 4-month-old baby, so I don’t get as much time to myself as I use too. So, I love that this product exfoliates and moisturisers all in one go – it saves me so much time and leaves my skin so soft.

​What’s your favourite emoji?

- It’s so versatile!

​3 things you can’t live without?


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meryl zahner

Hi Saya, are you still selling your products from the shop at the individual area near Noosaville?

Meryl Condon

Hi Saya, it is so many years since I saw you, I have lost track.. we both did our training at Maroochydore Tafe. You got into making your own skin care line & I had my own Beauty Salon in Gympie when I finished my qualifications.. last time I saw you, you were engaged.. I am so happy for you to have a baby now! Back to your skin care range, do you still sell your products from the industrial area near Noosaville?

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