Meet the Saya Staff - Cherise

Meet Cherise, our lively and problem-solving accounts aficionado. Thorough AF and precise to a T, if there is a mistake…she’ll find it. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This photo sums her right up, because Cherise’s enthusiasm for her work and her family are next level. Always one to wear her heart on her sleeve, this amazing mum brings infectious energy wherever she goes. Cherise is best known in the office for junk food Fridays and breaking the silence 😂

​​So, you can get to know her better, we sat down and asked her all the important questions:

What’s your best skincare advice?

​Enjoy your skincare routine. Don’t dread it. Look forward to nourishing your skin once you find the products that suit you. It’s more enjoyable. And definitely double cleanse both face and hair, you can thank me later!


​Your three favourite Saya products and why?

​This is a very hard choice to just pick 3 Saya favourites, the list is too long, but here goes:

​The Detox Face Exfoliant - hands down. I've used this product for many years, it was the product that sold me on the business back when there weren't a lot of exfoliants available that didn’t harm your skin and strip it.

​The Argan Body Oil - I have psoriasis which covers my entire body. So I have to be extremely careful with the products I use so I don’t dry out my skin or irritate it. This body oil is my go-to. It helps keep my skin soft and silky and causes absolutely no irritation.

The Green French Clay - I love this product as I do tend to get congested in my cheeks and this clay is so amazing at drawing out that congestion and clearing up any breakouts.

What’s your favourite emoji?

😍 Because I have this reaction for most things I LOVE!!!!!!!

​3 things you can’t live without?

​This is pretty easy. I couldn’t live without my 2 gorgeous girls, my monthly pamper sessions and chocolate 😂

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  • Elise

    Hi Saya team,
    I would love to express an interest in working for this amazing business. I am wondering who/whom the best person is to contact.
    Warm regards,

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