Saya’s Pregnancy Skincare Routine



Pregnancy is the big push that gets many women making the shift to natural, clean beauty products.

Not only are mums-to-be wanting to stay far away from anything that could harm their growing baby, pregnancy comes with its own common skin issues such as melasma, hormonal acne and stretch marks.

But there’s a lot of uncertainty and confusion around skincare for expecting mothers and what is and isn’t safe to use.

So, when our very own Saya started growing a human of her own, we took the opportunity to clear up the confusion and discover how she still took care of her skin during her pregnancy.


Has your experience as a mum-to-be changed how you approach your skincare?

“Growing a new human inside your body is such an amazing experience.

I am generally pretty fussy about what I put inside and outside of my body but when I found out I was pregnant this became even more important.

Your baby is like a sponge, soaking up everything that goes on your skin and inside your body, so I wanted to make sure any products I used were safe to do so.

Obviously having access to my own range of natural and organic skincare products made things so much easier, but even then, I had to be careful as some essential oils are best to be avoided (especially in the first few months), while Vitamin A or Retinols should be avoided altogether during pregnancy and when breast feeding.

So, I stripped my skincare routine back to basics”.


What did your usual skincare routine look like while pregnant?

“As I said, I’m very lucky I have access to my own range of natural and organic skincare, and at Saya we don’t believe in overcomplicating anything, so it was fairly easy to keep up a healthy skincare routine.

I made sure to thoroughly cleanse both morning and night. I swapped between both the Foaming Cleanser and the Cleansing Lotion, depending on what my skin needed at the time.

I’d exfoliate 3 times a week with the AHA Exfoliant as this is really gentle. I’d follow with my Rose Toning Mist afterwards.

I stayed with a lightweight moisturiser in the Balance Moisture and would give my skin some extra love by mixing in 6 drops of the Argan Face Oil.

This was a really simple routine I could do both morning and night.

Because I was not able to use Vitamin A or Retinols, I opted out of using the Night Moisture*. However, I have been trialling an exciting up and coming Saya product that is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe and the results have just been incredible**.

I am super excited for this to be released soon.

I also treated my growing belly to copious tubs of Rich Body Cream. I went through so many! Shea butter is truly the miracle ingredient to promote skin elasticity and help repair the skin and our Rich Body Cream contains high amounts of shea butter.

I’ve been using this morning and night, and so far, I haven’t seen a single stretch mark!”

*At the time of writing this article, our Night Moisture contained Vitamin A. Our night cream has now been reformulated with Bakuchiol - a natural retinol alternative. Because of this, our Night Moisture is now pregnancy and breastfeeding safe

**Spoiler Alert: This was our amazing Renew Serum which is now available!


How can expecting mums make sure what they are using is safe for their baby?

 “Always be aware of the ingredients that are in your products.

There isn’t a lot of medical research done in this area. I mean, who’s going to run a study on pregnant women? The risk is just too high.  So, Doctors generally recommend erring on the side of caution. 

The best way to do that is to switch to healthier, non-toxic products.”


What’s the best way to treat pregnancy related skin concerns like melasma, hormonal acne and stretch marks?

“Melasma and hyperpigmentation can happen during pregnancy.

For this, I recommend cleansing day and night and use a gentle chemical exfoliating product such as our AHA Face Exfoliant to help reveal new, fresh cells and promote that skin cell renewal.

Vitamin C is also fantastic for reducing hyperpigmentation as it has a brightening effect on the skin. Kakadu Plum Seed Oil is highly potent in Vitamin C – it’s actually the world’s richest natural source. You’ll find this oil in our Argan Face Oil so I’d definitely say get yourself a bottle of that.

Actually, Argan Oil is also ideal for treating acne as it has anti-bacterial properties and it helps maintain natural skin balance. So, our Argan Face Oil and Argan Body Oil would be ideal for helping any hormonal acne that might appear during pregnancy.

For stretch marks, as I said before, I would recommend our Rich Body Cream as it is packed full of shea butter.

It is just what a growing baby belly needs as it expands. I’ve been using it throughout my whole pregnancy and so far, no stretch marks!”

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