Top 5 Tips For Glowing Winter Skin

Chapped lips. Thirsty skin. Redness. Lacklustre complexion. These are common problems during winter, with most people struggling to keep skin hydrated and protected from the elements. With exposure to wind, frigid weather, heating and the changing in and out between the two, your skin has a lot to contend with which is why it becomes drier, flakier, redder and rougher. 

​Here’s our top 5 ways to support, protect and repair your skin with the changing seasons and achieve truly glowing skin all year round.

1. Extra Nourishment

Replenish skin with products rich in natural, skin-identical oils. This might be as simple as swapping to a more nourishing cleansing lotion or creamier daily moisturiser to get that extra dose of good oils into your skin. Creating that barrier between your skin and the harsh elements will prevent moisture loss and flaking, and promote smooth, supple skin instead.

2. Don't Forget To Exfoliate 

​Exfoliate consistently to remove that build-up of dead skin - aim for twice a week. This not only helps to keep your complexion fresh, but allows the rest of your serums and moisturisers to penetrate deeper, and therefore be more effective (which is so needed during the colder months!).

3. Hot Showers Aren't Your Friend

​Avoid super-hot, long showers. While this is so tempting in the midst of winter, it only serves to dry your skin out more. Stick to warm showers and moisturise your skin as soon as you are done.

4. But, Damp Skin IS Your Friend

Apply your body moisturiser or body oil to slightly damp skin. Your skin is very accepting of extra moisture when it is still moist (it becomes like a sponge), so it’ll ensure the nourishing ingredients are locked in long after you’ve finished applying the product.

5. Seek The Sun...Safely

​Still apply your SPF. This is one essential that should always be in your skincare routine, no matter the time of year. UV radiation can be just as high on a cold day as it is on a hot one, especially if the skies are clear.

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