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Celebrating Women: The Saya Women Catch Up

Celebrating Women: The Saya Women Catch Up

At Saya Skin, we are privileged to present the remarkable women of our Saya Woman Series, whose stories embody the essence of strength, creativity, and resilience. As we commemorate International Women's Day, we take this opportunity to honour their contributions and share their inspiring journeys.


A Brief History of International Women's Day


International Women's Day, observed annually on March 8th, commemorates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. Originating from the labour movements of the early 20th century, it has evolved into a global celebration of women's rights and gender equality.


What International Women's Day Means to our Founder, Saya


International Women's Day holds a special place in my heart as a time to honour the incredible strength, resilience, and contributions of women around the world. It's an opportunity to celebrate our progress, reflect on the challenges we still face, and appreciate the boundless potential within each of us. Through our Women's Series, we've had the privilege of sharing the journeys of many inspiring women, showcasing their achievements and the impact they've made. Their stories have not only enriched our community but have also highlighted the importance of female unity and the collective effort to uplift one another. This day highlights our shared strength and the vital role each woman plays in forging a more equitable and vibrant future. 

- Saya, Founder of Saya Skincare


The Extraordinary Women of the Saya Woman Series


Lisa Morgan - Lisa Morgan Art -

Our first Saya Woman, Lisa Morgan is a Noosa-based artist whose connection to nature inspires her artistry and creativity. Lisa's journey reflects the profound influence of her upbringing and the legacy of her artistic family. In her ongoing artistic exploration, she questions the meaning and authenticity of her work amidst external pressures. Looking ahead to 2024, Lisa aims to showcase her art in a gallery and pursue more opportunities, embracing the journey with determination
Sarah Indrele | Velvet Mane -
The founder of Velvet Mane, Sarah, spearheads one of the most popular hair salons on the Sunshine Coast. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft exemplify the power of determination and passion. With baby number two on the way and renovation plans for Velvet Mane underway, Sarah's journey reflects her remarkable ability to balance personal and professional aspirations while nurturing a growing and dynamic team.
Renee & Hayley | Barely Worn -

The founders of Barely Worn Thrift Markets, champions of sustainability and circular fashion. Renee and Hayley's commitment to making a difference through their venture highlights the importance of community and environmental stewardship. Now a separate venture, Hayley runs Barely Worn while Renee runs the Thrifter Warehouse in Noosa. These ladies have been able to give back so much to the community, and we are grateful for such an amazing initiative to be available on the Sunshine Coast.
Sarah & Lucy | Lume Sydney -

The dynamic duo behind Lume Sydney. Their journey from ONDA Beauty to Lume Sydney is not just a transition; it's a testament to the transformative power of partnership and a shared vision. At Lume Sydney, they embody the spirit of collaboration and innovation, redefining the standards of clean beauty. Since our last catch up, the team have been up to many exciting endeavours - they've expanded their team, are now offering Restorative Massage and getting excited to host their transformative retreat in Byron Bay.

Nilla Tomkins | Vanilla Food -

Meet Nilla, the culinary mastermind behind Vanilla Food and Nilla's Pantry. Her cookbook, available at Nilla's Pantry, showcases her dedication to organic ingredients and wholesome living, nourishing both body and soul. With each dish crafted with care and intention, Nilla's creations reflect her commitment to wellness and sustainability. Constantly experimenting and bringing fresh twists on modern cuisines, her culinary expertise empowers others to embrace a lifestyle of health and abundance. We're excited to see Nilla's new creations in 2024!
Kim Wallace | Kim Wallace Ceramics -

We've had the pleasure of partnering with the remarkable founder of Kim Wallace Ceramics. Renowned for her exquisite designs and craftsmanship, Kim brings a unique touch of elegance and artistry to every piece she creates. Since we last connected, exciting collaborations with Australian chefs are in the works, promising unique pieces tailored to their craft. Additionally, new collections and glazes are coming soon, with anticipation building for participation in the esteemed Noosa Eat Drink event in June.
Lucy Brownless | Bless Inc -

A model, influencer, and co-founder of Bless Inc, Lucy is dedicated to promoting positivity and self-care through her skincare journey. Her resilience and authenticity inspire others to embrace their unique beauty and inner strength. Lucy's dedication to clean beauty and love for Saya products further exemplify her commitment to holistic well-being and natural skincare solutions. Lucy continues to lead the way in thrilling collaborations while exploring the realms of healthy living and beyond.
Pippa Stone | Palm Noosa

    In the eighth edition of our Saya Woman series, we chatted with Pippa Stone. From the idyllic shores of Noosa to the creation of contemporary and feminine pieces, Pippa's journey embodies the essence of the Australian lifestyle. Pippa continues her mission as a female entrepreneur - to create covetable pieces that empower women, instilling confidence and celebrating the joy of self-expression through her brand, Palm Noosa.


    A Message from Us

      As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us honour the achievements and contributions of women from all walks of life. The Saya Woman Series exemplifies the diversity, strength, and beauty of women, inspiring us to continue championing equality and empowerment.

      Happy International Women's Day to our community & stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the Saya Woman Series.


      - Saya Skin x


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