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Transitioning Your Skincare Routine for Autumn

Transitioning Your Skincare Routine for Autumn

Understanding Seasonal Changes and Challenges:

As autumn arrives, bringing relief from the intense heat and humidity of summer, our skincare needs change. The decrease in humidity and the introduction of cooler temperatures means the air holds less moisture, which can lead to our skin needing additional protection against dehydration, dryness, and irritation. With autumn, we not only say goodbye to the warmer weather but also face the challenges of dry, stale air, compounded by dry heat from indoor heating systems, setting the stage for skin issues such as eczema and dry, irritated skin. The importance of adapting your skincare routine with the seasons is crucial, and even minor adjustments can lead to significant benefits for your skin.

Key Ingredients for Autumn Skincare:


To support your skin through autumn and into winter, incorporating products with hyaluronic acid for hydration, ceramides, and ingredients rich in fatty acids like botanical oils and shea butter is beneficial. These ingredients provide immediate advantages by enhancing your skin's moisture and nourishment. Ceramides play a crucial role in supporting the skin barrier, preventing dryness and irritation when they are lacking.

Understanding the Importance of Ceramides & Other Ingredients:

Ceramides are essential for maintaining the skin barrier's integrity, preventing moisture loss, and protecting against environmental irritants. Additionally, botanical oils and butters such as shea butter, rosehip oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, and jojoba oil are rich in fatty acids, offering deep hydration and nourishment, enhancing skin's elasticity, and repairing the barrier function. Hyaluronic acid, known for its capacity to retain water, hydrates the skin, making it appear plumper and smoother.

Layering Hydration & Adaption of Skincare Routine:

Layering hydration is essential during colder months. Adding a hyaluronic acid-based serum to your routine, such as the Super serum, followed by a richer moisturiser, like the Intense Moisture or Intense Night Repair, can provide a solid foundation for maintaining skin hydration. Transitioning from a lightweight moisturiser used in summer to a thicker, more substantial moisturiser is a good step. Saya recommends opting for heavy creams containing ceramides, vital fatty acids naturally present in the skin that require replenishment during colder months.

Incorporating Nourishing Products & Adjustments:


Adapting your routine for the autumn doesn't have to be time-consuming or a huge investment. Replacing a cleansing gel with a more nourishing option, such as our Cleansing Balm enriched with macadamia oils and shea butter, can significantly impact. This luxurious cleanser melts into the skin, dissolving impurities, sunscreen, and makeup, leaving the skin feeling supremely soft, clean, and hydrated. Exfoliation remains an important step, helping to remove dead skin cells and enhance the absorption of skincare products, though it's crucial not to over-exfoliate.


Enhancing Skincare Routine:

For those hesitant to change their daily moisturiser, incorporating a facial oil, like the Renew serum packed with 15 botanical oils, can elevate your skincare routine. This concentrated serum boosts nourishment with just a few drops, enhancing the moisturiser's nourishment and efficacy. Body care should not be overlooked either. Switching to a richer body cream such as our Rich Body Cream, infused with shea and cocoa butters and macadamia oils, can provide intensive nourishment without a greasy residue. Enhancing your body moisturiser with a few drops of Argan body oil can further amplify moisture levels and introduce essential fatty acids. During these cooler months maintaining hydration from within by drinking plenty of water is vital, especially as we tend to consume less during colder months. This approach to autumn skincare ensures your skin remains healthy, hydrated, and radiant, ready to face the season change.


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