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Saya x i = Change Empowering Impact Through Every Purchase

 At Saya Skin, we believe in the transformative power of purposeful shopping. That's why we're proud to partner with i = Change, a revolutionary platform that connects brands with charitable causes, allowing customers like you to make a positive impact with every purchase.


What is i = Change?

i = Change is a groundbreaking platform that integrates giving into the retail experience. By partnering with i = Change, brands can transparently contribute a portion of every sale to carefully selected charitable projects, empowering customers to support causes they care about without any extra cost.


Why Saya is Partnering with i = Change

At Saya, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do. By partnering with i = Change, we can amplify our impact and engage our community in meaningful ways. Together, we're not just selling skincare products; we're driving positive change and creating a better world for all.



The Three Charities We Are Supporting

  • Save Mother's Lives: In Eastern Burma, 1 in 12 women are at risk of dying during pregnancy or when giving birth. 1 in 5 children will also die before the age of five. These are some of the highest rates in the world. To prevent maternal and infant mortality, safe delivery and proper care in the early days of a child’s life is essential. Mae Tao Clinic offers comprehensive care for pregnant women and babies through antenatal care check-ups, delivery with a trained midwife and treatment in case of emergencies, helping to save the lives of mothers and babies.

  • Support a Women: Ovarian cancer is the deadliest women’s cancer, with a 5-year survival rate of just 48%. With no early detection test, women are often diagnosed late. Suddenly, women and their families are forced to deal with a poor prognosis and debilitating surgery. Ovarian Cancer Australia' support is comprehensive and holistic, ensuring no woman walks alone. Face to face support groups, facilitated by trained health professionals, reduces a woman’s isolation, the mental health impact, empowering women to cope with cancer and its side effects.

  • Provide a Safe Birth: Papua New Guinea has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world. 98% of these deaths are easily preventable. Send Hope Not Flowers works with Australian Dr. Barry Kirby in remote Milne Bay Province, PNG. We gift families with a Baby Bundle to incentivise mothers to come to a health clinic to give birth. The bundle is filled with basic supplies for mother and baby - and includes the $5 cost for delivery at the clinic. The Baby Bundle project is directly responsible for a 78% decrease in the maternal death rate in the region.


Together, let's make a difference and shop with purpose.



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