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Body Oils vs Body Lotions & Creams

Body Oils vs Body Lotions & Creams

When it comes to moisturising your skin, you may have a hard time deciding whether a body oil, lotion, or cream is the better option. After all, each product promises soft, hydrated skin so what’s the difference? Read on to find out which product you should be adding to your skincare routine!

What’s the difference? 

 Before we dive into the oil versus lotion versus cream debate, it’s important to realise that all three have unique thicknesses. This factor should influence where and how you would use them. Think of body oils as a silky protector. Oils are incredibly rich in fatty acids and resemble natural oils in our skin- absorbing easily into the skin’s outer barrier. Lotions and creams, on the other hand, use water-based ingredients - but also are a little different. Lotions feel a lot lighter and have more water content, containing less rich/concentrated oils. Lotions can also be used to target and treat different skin concerns such as eczema, whereas creams are thicker in consistency, infused with rich oils, and feel more indulgent. 

Benefits of Body Oil

 Oils have incredible absorbent properties: This is because many vegetable-based oils such as jojoba or almond mimic natural lipids found in our skin. This is ideal for repairing and improving our skin barrier function, suppleness, and elasticity. 

Helps to lock in moisture: Oils seal in moisture, however, they cannot lock in moisture that isn’t present. We recommend applying straight after hopping out of the shower to warm, damp skin.

Great for glowy skin: Lathering up in our Argan Body Oil can give you that perfect natural glow!

Fun Fact: If you have acne-prone skin, try a face oil. Underneath oily skin, your skin is actually really thirsty! Using oils helps to regulate sebum (oil) production. In need of a face oil serum? Try our Renew Serum Formulated with 15 botanicals including bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative. This lightweight serum will soften the appearance of ageing, promote collagen and stimulate skin cell renewal.

Benefits of Lotions

Lotions moisturise and hydrate the skin: When it comes to moisturising abilities, lotions have the upper hand. Lotions are a mix of oils and water and typically work better for dry skin. Because lotions are water-based, they often penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver hydration. This improves the skin’s ability to maintain moisture.

 Lotions have a long-term moisturising effect: Good quality lotion contains ultra-hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin and Aloe Vera ( Found in our Hand & Body LotionRich Body Cream) which helps to enhance skin’s water-retaining abilities over time. 

 Won’t leave you feeling greasy: Unlike body oils, lotions absorb quickly into the skin without leaving your skin feeling sticky and greasy - perfect for use during the day and in hot summer months.

 Benefits of Creams

 Provides a barrier that keeps skin ultra-hydrated:  Like lotions, a cream is a blend of oil and water, but with a higher oil contention. Creams are thicker in consistency than lotions, keeping skin well-hydrated, helping to remain more elastic. 

Perfect for dry, delicate skin: Like lotions, body creams can be used to treat and prevent dry, cracked skin will keep it supple and moisturised, especially during harsh winter months. Unlike lotions,  body creams contain not only moisturising elements but also contain fatty acids such as shea butter for deeper hydration. Our Rich Body Cream will keep the skin well-hydrated and help it remain more elastic—a good option for preventing stretch marks.

Layer your body products

 It really comes down to personal preference and skin needs. The good news is that you don’t have to use just one- you can use all three! Although body oils may help skin stay hydrated and soften the outer skin layer, some oils may lack hydrating ingredients. Layering a body oil on top of a lotion will allow the hydrating ingredients within lotions to reach deeper layers of your skin, giving a more moisturised effect overall. If you have really dry skin, adding a body oil will provide  huge relief to your skin - especially when dealing with harsh climates.

Are you in need of body oil, lotion, or maybe even an ultra-rich body cream? Check our Lotions, Creams & Oils Collection, guaranteed to keep your skin happy. 

While dry skin and dehydrated skin may tend to feel the same, they are far from it! Not sure how to recognise the difference between the two? Read our blog now! ‘Is Your Sky Dry Or Just Dehydrated?



I love layering the hand and body lotion with the Argan body oil. I receive comments like – “you must have just had a lovely massage” or I love that scent (hence is my "scent/perfume’)

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