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Saya Woman Series #2 | Sarah Indrele

Saya Woman Series #2 | Sarah Indrele


The Saya® Woman is an interview series showcasing extraordinary women who share their experience, insights and advice to life, business and everything in between. We hope their stories inspire you as much as they inspire us.



For our Saya Woman Series #2, we chat with Sarah Indrele - entrepreneur and founder of one of the Sunshine Coast’s top hair destinations, Velvet Mane. Chances are, if you’re a Sunshine Coaster who appreciates impeccable foil work, blonde transformations and cool girl interior design - you’ve heard of Velvet Mane. In between hair styling and motherhood, Sarah has been focused on building her brand and team of like-minded women for the past 5 years. In this interview, Sarah talks to us about the birth of her brand, what she would change knowing what she knows now, and what’s next for Velvet Mane in 2023.


In your own words, how would you describe who Sarah Indrele is?

Well that’s hard, honestly I feel like 2023 is the year of finding the answer to that question. She is a mother to a wild 2 year old and an overly ambitious businesswoman. I thrive on challenges and feel a lot of discomfort in settling. I’m always looking for new opportunities and ways to better myself personally and professionally. I’m fiercely independent. However, I definitely need to find some balance in this and slowing down to smell the roses.



Can you tell us a little bit about the story of Velvet Mane and your brand’s purpose?


Velvet Mane began in 2018, when I was 24; with no business knowledge or plan and no concept of failure haha. I had been hairdressing for 6 years and was at the beginning of social media putting a huge spotlight on the industry. Back then not many salons on the Sunshine Coast specialised in just blonde work which was my favourite work to do and I saw a great opening to build my brand. From there, Velvet Mane has developed into a colour specialist studio focusing on big blonde transformations and colour corrections.

Our purpose is to be a luxury space providing premium bespoke services. Whilst focusing on being empowering and supportive, ambitious and adventurous. To lead and inspire. A place people from all walks of life feel welcomed and are able to be their authentic selves.




You’ve grown Velvet Mane into one of the top hair destinations on the Sunshine Coast, knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently when you were first starting out?

It's actually so crazy to me still how much Velvet Mane has grown in 5 years?! Reflecting on those years, yes, I would definitely have changed a few things. Firstly, a business plan and something to keep me on track, luckily there hasn’t been too many major hiccups but I could’ve saved myself a lot of stress. Secondly not letting myself get caught up in comparison, I've spent a lot of time trying to keep up with others that had been in the industry a lot longer and that was not helpful at all to some of the business decisions I made. Your only competition is yourself.



We’d love to know your beauty routine, and your best piece of beauty advice.

Look this is probably something I need help with haha. Self care is not my strong suit. At the moment I spend a lot of time in the sun and water with my family so my I’ve been loving my Naked Sundays Collagen Glow SPF cream and the Drunk Elephant fresh day serum. At night a cleanse with the Esmi Minerals cleanser, Drunk Elephant water facial moisturiser and Saya Super Serum to finish.

Best piece of advice is use SPF on your face everyday, your future self will thank you girl!



What’s next for Velvet Mane in 2023?


What’s next for Velvet Mane? Right now feels like a huge growth period for the brand. I am living for the unknown. Firstly hoping for our team to grow and add in some kick-ass babes! To meet some new clients that can become a part of our community. We are looking at ways to expand the business into potential education for the future generation of hairstylist along with putting a huge focus on sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment. We feel a strong drive to work alongside other female owned businesses and collaborate on some fun projects!

This year feels good already!



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