Your Brightening Peel Questions Answered!

Your Brightening Peel Questions Answered!

Our Brightening Peel has finally landed! A powerful overnight treatment that gently exfoliates, helps slow skin deterioration and improves your skin hydration - treating acne, improving texture, tone and pigmentary abnormalities. If you’re not sure how to use our Brightening Peel or how to achieve the best possible results, keep reading. We’re rounded up the most frequently asked questions for all our Brightening Peel newbies… You’re welcome!

What does the Brightening Peel do?

To put things simply, the Brightening Peel works as a gentle chemical exfoliant. It combines 7.5% Lactic Acid with a 2.5% AHA Fruit Acid Complex (naturally found in plants) to help break down the “glue” which keeps dead skin cells stuck onto the outermost layers of your skin. This allows fresh, vibrant skin underneath to be revealed resulting in fewer lines, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

For dry skin, it’s your go-to!

While all AHA’s are effective, lactic acid adds a significant benefit - it’s the most hydrating chemical exfoliant of all! It works to remove dead skin and hydrate at the same time - improving the skin’s natural moisture barrier. For dry skin, this will give you the extra hydration and nourishment you need. To fight hyperpigmentation with a multi-pronged approach, Liquorice Root, a potent antioxidant and our Native Vitamin C Complex inhibit the enzyme needed to produce melanin in the skin,  resulting in a brighter, more even complexion. 

How do I use the Brightening Peel?

Super quick and simple! Moisten a reusable pad and gently wipe over the skin, avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes. Our Brightening Peel should be applied in the evening after double-cleansing. For best results, use the product alone and leave on overnight. Note: Applying a moisturiser or serum too soon will neutralise/alter the pH therefore making it less effective.

How often should I use the Brightening Peel?

We recommend one to three times a week, however, there isn’t one answer for all. For those with sensitive skin, start by using once a week. This will allow your skin to get used to this product, gradually building up a tolerance.

Like most things, too much of something can be bad for your skin. You can overdo it by exfoliating too much. Think you’ve overdone it? Stop all exfoliation (and read this blog!). The goal is to support your skin through this time of healing. So cut back on the actives, retinol and exfoliating acids and give your skin a break. 

What’s the difference between the Brightening Peel, the AHA Face Exfoliant and the Detox Face Exfoliant? 

Exfoliants like our AHA Face Exfoliant and the Detox Face exfoliant are wash-off products. The AHA Face exfoliant combines a Fruit Acid Complex with a gentle exfoliation of finely milled jojoba beads. On the other hand, our Detox Face Exfoliant combines papaya enzyme and finely ground walnut to gently dissolve and physically buff away dead skin cells. 

The Brightening Peel is an overnight treatment with a higher percentage of Lactic Acid and a Fruit Acid Complex. Unlike most exfoliants, this overnight treatment will actually improve the skin’s hydration. 

Is it safe to use the Brightening Peel whilst pregnant and breastfeeding?

While this product doesn't contain any ingredients that are known to be harmful during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We recommend checking with your doctor before introducing any new products as your skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy.

Where would this fit in within my skincare routine?

This is super dependent on your own skin tolerance. If you’re using an exfoliant within your skincare routine, the Brightening Peel will be a great addition as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment. For those with a higher skin tolerance, you may be able to use this product every second night. Keep in mind, if you start to notice any redness or peeling to take it back a notch (over-exfoliation ain’t cute). 

Is this product okay for sensitive skin?

Yes! This product is suitable for sensitive skin types, however, we suggest introducing this into your routine over time. Once applied, it is normal for you to experience a tingling sensation for a few minutes after application of the Brightening Peel. 

Isn’t it damaging to leave an exfoliant with AHA’s on the skin without rinsing it away? 

Not at all - Acidifying products and treatments can help to maintain a healthy skin pH and a glowing complexion. Our Brightening Peel will create a more acidic state for your skin overnight, and will boost overall skin texture, increase cell turnover, and keep the acid mantle in check!   

I want to reduce my usage of disposable products -  is it possible to use this product without cotton pads?

Absolutely! You can use this product with clean hands by patting it into the skin- just make sure to wash your hands after. Alternatively, we would recommend reusable pads or cotton cloth.

I use a Vitamin C serum and Retinol. Would this be a bit of an overkill? Is it okay to use all?

If your targeting hyperpigmentation - we’d recommend using them all (or Bakuchiol as a retinol alternative). Hyperpigmentation is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat so taking a multi-angled approach is a great option. Be mindful with products that contain AHA’s and retinol may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. (SPF sunscreen is an absolute daily essential!) 

How would I use this product along with retinol?

Ideally, we recommend using this product alone for the first application and using retinol the following night. For ongoing use, if you do prefer to use retinol with this product, apply the Brightening Peel first and leave it on the skin for 30mins-1hr. Then apply retinol. This will allow the product to process and work its magic. 

Can I still use my usual serum and moisturiser at night?

We recommend applying alone and leaving this treatment overnight as our Brightening Peel is designed to work at a slower rate. Acids need to be separated from higher pH products such as moisturisers and serums by at least 30 minutes to an hour. This will allow the acids time to work at their optimal pH which in turn gives you better results. 

Still, wondering what is the secret to an even skin tone? In some cases, cleaning out pores and providing your skin with vitamins and nutrients can help balance melanin production. Check out our blog ‘Hyperpigmentation: Treatments, Types &Causes’. Want to learn more about Lactic Acid and its benefits to the skin? Read our blog “Lactic Acid For Sensitive Skin’.

Have a question about the Brightening Peel? Comment down below and let us know!

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