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Behind the Formulation | Brightening Peel

Behind the Formulation | Brightening Peel

Introducing 'Behind The Formulation', a blog series that takes you behind the scenes of our brand and products. Saya will share personal stories about the inspiration, challenges, and triumphs behind each product across the range. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast or simply curious about the industry, 'Behind The Formulation' will offer a unique and insightful perspective into our brand, and the stories behind your favourite formulations. 


In this instalment of 'Behind The Formulation', our founder Saya McDermott shares her personal journey of formulating our popular Brightening Peel. From her early inspiration for the product to the challenges she faced in developing the perfect formula, Saya offers a rare glimpse into the thought process behind the creation of our most recent formulation. 

Why did you create the Brightening Peel?


As someone who is passionate about skincare and always seeking new, innovative ways to create products that are truly transformative, I knew that I wanted to push the boundaries with the development of our Brightening Peel.

Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in a good skincare routine, but I wanted to create a product that was different from anything else on the market. I have always been fascinated by the science behind chemical exfoliation and its remarkable ability to transform the skin. This drove me to create a formula that surpasses the ordinary exfoliating product, offering extraordinary, instant results.

I spent months researching and experimenting with various ingredients, looking for the perfect combination that would not only exfoliate, but also reduce redness, brighten, and hydrate the skin. Finally, after countless iterations, I developed the perfect formula: our Brightening Peel.

This unique formula contains a powerful blend of natural AHAs from a complex of botanical extracts, including Lactic Acid from the AHA group, skin-brightening Liquorice and Kakadu Plum extracts, skin-toning Azelaic acid and Gluconolactone (PHA), soothing Chamomile Extract, and moisture-retaining Hyaluronic Acid & polysaccharide (Pentavitin®). It also contains Australian Lime extracts, including Kakadu Plum, Caviar Lime, and Desert Lime, which work to improve skin texture and further enhance the brightening effect.

What's more, our Brightening Peel is alcohol-free and can be applied directly to your hands and then to your face, neck, décolletage, and even your scalp, making it an incredibly versatile product that can be incorporated into any skincare routine.

The immediate results of using our Brightening Peel are brighter, hydrated, and glowing skin, with dramatically reduced pigmentation, redness, and dullness. And because it's a leave-on product, it continues to work its magic overnight, leaving you with even more noticeable results the next day.

I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved with our Brightening Peel, and I can't wait for you to try it for yourself and see the incredible transformation it can bring to your skin.



About Saya

Saya® Skincare is a natural, science-backed botanic skincare line created with conscious intention; of the people who use it, and the planet who sustains us all. Formulated with highly effective native Australian ingredients fused with powerful actives, and led by years of research and education, Saya embodies the delicate balance between science, sustainability, and simplicity – proving they can all be synonymous with natural skincare.



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