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Night-time Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin Types

Night-time Skincare Routine for all skin types

Just like you're committed to your morning routine, your PM routine is just as important, if not more! During the day our skin is exposed to UV rays, dirt and pollution. At night, the skin works to repair itself, actively growing new skin cells that remove daytime damage, making skincare most effective. Are day and night creams the same? Is eye cream really necessary? We explain it all.

(Double) Cleanse

A double cleanse in the evening can help your other products penetrate better. This ensures that your pores are clean and better prepared to draw in serums and moisturisers. If you're a heavy makeup wearer (or have oily skin), double cleansing can help prevent sebum-related breakouts. To lift and remove makeup, SPF and dirt, apply our Cleansing Gel to damp skin. Work into a lather and massage into skin for 30 seconds before rinsing.


This step is essential and super quick! By removing dead skin cells, this stimulates collagen production and brightens the complexion: treating dry, dull, ageing skin. Apply the Brightening Peel to cleansed skin with either a reusable pad or with clean hands, patting onto the skin avoiding the delicate area around your eyes. For best results, leave overnight.


Applying a moisturiser or serum too soon will neutralise/alter the pH, therefore making it less effective. Incorporate this step into your night-time skincare routine 2-3 times a week.

Still not sure where and when this product fits in? Read our Brightening Peel FAQ.


A toner is essential for balancing skin pH and prepping the skin for all the creams and serums that follow. Lucky for you, most of our products are pH balanced. Lightly spray face, neck and décolletage with our Rose Hydrating Mist.

Water-based serum

Depending on your skin concerns, this will determine what type of serums you will need to incorporate into your night-time skincare routine. We like to focus on hydration and repairing at night-time- apply a few drops of the Super Serum to cleansed damp skin. Leave Vitamin C serums like our Glow Serum for the morning to protect and brighten your skin throughout the day.  

Want to learn more about this true multitasker? Read our blog to get the full breakdown. 

Eye cream

Did you know that the under eye area is thinner, drier, and more sensitive? It’s also the first area to show signs of ageing! Apply one pump of our Eye Cream and dab gently under the eye area. This step helps to protect the skin around the eyes while also preventing crows feet and dark circles. 


Night time creams are usually thicker and formulated with potent anti-ageing ingredients that work with your skin’s natural renewal process. Our Intense Night Repair uses the power of Bakuchiol, Vitamin A alternative, to soften signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation and scarring. It creates a protective coating on the skin to lock in moisture which is key for healing and maintaining healthy skin. 

How much should you apply?

Apply a small amount to the face, neck, and décolletage. Keep in mind that applying too much can leave you with clogged pores and breakouts, like with any heavy cream.  

Timing Matters, Too

It’s super important to consider the time it takes for your skin to absorb products. If you have many steps, allow a few moments in between and remember to always listen to your skin.

While this night-time routine will give you a foundation of products you should have in place, there’s no one-fits-all skincare routine. Depending on your skin type and skin needs this will vary. Need a little help? Check out our skin quiz. We’ll recommend a personalised skincare ritual that works for you.

Not sure if your skin is dry or just dehydrated? While they may tend to feel the same, they are far from it. Read our full blog ‘Dehydrated vs dry skin’.


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